Rebecca F. Bundy, Architect, PLLC, AIA specializes in design of residences that are uniquely suited to the client’s needs and desires, are healthy for their occupants, minimize environmental impact and are exquisitely beautiful.

Of foremost importance is creation of a custom design that looks and lives in a manner that perfectly fits the client’s lifestyle.  We work extensively and interactively with our clients to elicit the particular, unique characteristics that will make a design that fits their lifestyle and then we implement those into a buildable project.

We believe in an interactive design and build process with early input from all concerned sectors of the building process: general contractor, engineers, landscape designers, mechanical/electrical/plumbing installers and energy consultants.  This can help to streamline processes, make sure they integrate well with each other and keep costs down.  This participatory process encourages constructive problem solving that results in a cooperative project team, satisfied clients and a superior project.

We are committed to the pursuit of ever increasingly environmentally conscious design and are well-versed in both Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the National Green Building Standard (NGBS).  We employ a variety of environmentally responsible approaches, from passive solar design, natural heating and cooling techniques, super energy efficient construction, water and resource conservation and attention to indoor air quality.  This attention to detail results in greater occupant comfort and reduced utility costs.  Interestingly, these techniques do not dictate an architectural style or specific design aesthetic, which are defined by the client’s needs and desires.

We frequently design small, but very livable, homes that minimize consumption of construction materials and heating requirements.  These homes are designed with customized attention to detail to provide a sense of space and volume and a high degree of livability.

A home designed by Rebecca F. Bundy, Architect, PLLC, AIA will provide a healthy and beautiful living environment for a long future.  Each is custom designed to meet the client’s functional, aesthetic and budget requirements.  Each is also designed with the health of our planet as a primary concern.